Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Carpet

Water damage can happen in any location, at any time. These photos are the before and after of a local Livingston County apartment complex. Athough these apartm... READ MORE

Wind Storms

In March of 2017 Michigan experienced a major wind storm. Winds got up to 55 MPH and the gusts were consistent all day. It caused many down power lines, power o... READ MORE

Storm Damage- Fallen Tree

In Michigan we experience many different types of storms depending on the season. We can face extreme ice storms, damaging wind storms, snow storms, tornadoes a... READ MORE

Water Damage

Experiencing water damage can be an extremely stressful situation. These pictures are the before and after of a local home that flooded after sump pump failure.... READ MORE

Mold in Home Structure

Unfortunately, mold will grow anywhere in a home. In many cases mold will grow, and homeowners arent aware until they start feeling the health affects, or if th... READ MORE

Mold Mitigation

When there is a enough moisture in a home, mold can become an issue. Mold can affect your health, and can also cause damage to your home. If you ever suspect mo... READ MORE

Fire Damage on Carpeting

As homeowners when we think of fire damage, we often think about the soot left behind on the walls as the flames burn upward. In this local apartment, you can s... READ MORE

Garage Fires

These photos are from a Livingston County home owner, who unfortunately experienced a fire in their garage. Luckily the fire was contained and did not moved int... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

When we think of fires, we imagine the huge fires the we see on the news. Many are shocked to learn fires happen multiple times a day in our area. The might be ... READ MORE

Mold in Attic

Mold can be a danger to our health and not something we want to find in our homes. When mold is found in the home, it can be a very stressful time, but the crew... READ MORE